Getting started in golf ball design...

January 07, 2018

Getting started in golf ball design...

I often get the question "How did you get started designing golf balls?". I thought I would take a minute to give you an answer:

I was actually working for BF Goodrich Aerospace and Defense designing composite parts for F15 and F16 fighter jets when I answered an ad for a quality engineer at Titleist. I never played golf, and never really liked the game. Being a hockey player, I found it weird to have to be quiet and not talk at all, and if someone made you upset, there was not way to wait til the next shift, and get them back….. ha.. My resume was sent over to the R&D department and I was hired at Titleist as a product development engineer. My first project was to develop and design the process to make what became the Titleist Professional. After one year at Titleist, I got my first set of clubs, and have been loving the game since…

Keep up with our posts, as we will be talking a lot about golf topics of all sorts, especially golf ball technology!

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