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How do our models stack up to the leaders of the industry? Pretty well, but don't take our word for it....

This April the team at continued their mission of unbiased testing to provide information to today's golfing consumer. Check out the full article here and view our summary below of the results!

"Off the tee, the My Tour Ball is fast. Cheetah fast. Given the combination of a low compression/low spin core and exceptional ball speeds, the My Tour Ball is mostly likely as long, if not longer, than what’s currently in your bag." Golfwrx Read the full review
"One tester described the Snell as “A better Pro V1” and we can’t help but agree.  It's as if Dean Snell took the very best of his past work and rolled it all into a single ball." Mygolf Spy Read the full review
"Snell is uniquely qualified to create Tour-centric models as well as models for average players, and with the launch of his new company, Snell Golf Inc., that's exactly what he's doing." Read the full review
"As the round progressed, I realized the distance with this ball was slightly longer than my usual ProV1x." Read the full review
"Since I’ve tested this ball in play, I can say now that I’m a big fan. It’s long, has a great feel and works exceptionally well around the greens. That’s good enough for me!" Golf Dash Blog Read the full review
"Some will never try the ball because of the lack of retail availabilty in stores, but if you order a dozen, you'll likely order again & again based on the value and performance of the product." Links Nation Read the full review
"As advertised, the ball is long off the tee and provides a lot of control playing into the greens. The My Tour Ball being priced at $32 makes it even better, tour performance for the masses." The Sand Trap Read the full review
"Spin rates on half-wedge swings were very impressive, with the MTB matching the performance seen from heavyweights like the 2015 Pro V1, Bridgestone B330-RX, and Srixon Z-Star." The Hackers Paradise Read the full review
"In conclusion, I've been extremely pleased with the Snell "My Tour Ball." I'll continue to buy the ball for as long as Snell is selling them. I think your game will notice the difference and your wallet definitely will." Golf Ledger Read the full review
"I am now a believer in Snell and a believer in these balls. Believe it!" Re-gripped Read the full review

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