With new products on the way Mid'24 This is the remaining stock from our initial inventory on MTB PRIME before processes were changed to improve durability. There were some reports of cover shearing especially from higher swing speed players. These will be sold at a discount with no returns.

The MTB PRIME continues our track record of performance for all golfers. A 3-piece urethane ball designed for fast ball speeds, low driver spin and soft feel.

The MTB PRIME features our new FLEX+ mantle that further enhances the soft feel while providing additional iron spin that many amateurs need. THE MTB PRIME is ready to improve your game throughout your bag.

*optic yellow models will be available this summer

Conforms to USGA standards and are legal for tournament play.

Ball Construction

- 3 piece
- 80-85 compression range
- urethane cover

Performance Characteristics

- low long game spin
- fast ball speeds
- mid trajectory
- higher iron spin
- soft feel


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