June 23, 2023

For our team here at Snell Golf, the delays and frustration of the COVID pandemic 'era' was a challenge during the 2021 and 2022 golf seasons. Yet  reflecting on how we can change and improve  as company, was definitely not short on time. 

"In life, you have got to make the best of every situation; you have to keep going."    - the legend John Daly


Recently our team embarked on rebranding process to modernize the logo and create a clean look for our golf balls and merchandise. The goal was to create a design that would appeal to a wider audience, while still maintaining the brand's identity and values. At Snell we try to keep our vision simple:

 'to provide high performance products at affordable price, with an elite customer service level you would expect from a family-run business'.

We feel our new logo mark accomplishes the same simplicity. 

The new logo features a stylized "S" and "G" into an emblem that can be more widely utilized on merchandise and look great on ball while rolling in the cup. We utilized clean lines and a modern font and a color scheme that is simple yet elegant, with black and white being the primary colors. This new design is both modern and timeless, providing a fresh look for the brand while still honoring our heritage.

The new logo is being rolled out on all of Snell Golf's products, including our popular golf balls with all new packaging on our MTB PRIME and MTB PRIME X. The clean design of the logo also makes it easy to read, which is important when trying to identify your ball on the course.

In addition to the new logo, Snell Golf is also updating our other merchandise to match the new design. This cohesive approach will help to create a consistent and recognizable brand identity across all of our products.

Overall, the rebranding process for Snell Golf has been a success. The new logo and clean design have given the brand a fresh look, while still staying true to our roots. With the updated logo and lots new merchandise coming for 2023, Snell Golf is well-positioned to continue its growth and success in the golf equipment market.


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