The Benefits of Cast Urethane Covers

January 07, 2018

The Benefits of Cast Urethane Covers

What is the advantage of a Cast Urethane cover versus Surlyn®, balata, etc?

“Balata covers back in the early 1990’s were very soft and had great feel and great spin.  However, they were not very durable at all and would cut or shear with clubs very easily.

Surlyn Covers have been used on golf balls for years, and have great durability when they are firmer in hardness and feel.  However, when softer Surlyns are used, the shear durability gets worse, without creating spin like the old balata balls.

Urethanes have been used in golf balls for quite some time as well.  There are two types of urethanes used . Thermoplastic and Cast Thermoset.  In my opinion, the Cast Thermoset Urethane allows us to create very thin, and very soft covers BUT has excellent durability. So in summary, the feel and spin like the old balata, but the durability of the firmer surlyns.  An excellent combination for performance.

However, the manufacturing process that goes into creating Cast Urethane Covers is more costly. This is why only a select few golf ball manufacturers use Cast Urethane Covers and only on select ball lines, and this process is what really separates some balls apart from others.” Dean Snell

The Cast Urethane Cover is used in the construction of Snells My Tour Ball. Learn more about it here.

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